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Ski Club

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6th Grade Ski Club
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Ski Club will be held from Thursday, January 5th - Thursday, February 9th, 2023.

All necessary paperwork must be completed by December 1st, 2022.

You must first register by visiting Wachusett's School Group Page. Registration opens October 17th

Program Code: WRNP

Ski Club is first come, first serve with a maximum of 50 students.   


The items listed below must be completed and given to Mrs. Conlon by December 1ST, 2022.

* $190 Check made out to the Wrentham Public Schools for the bus fee must be sent once registered. (Please use black or blue ink.)

* Wrentham Public Schools Ski Club Registration Form

* MA Concussion Reporting Form

* Student Academic/Behavior Contract

* Parent Handout Letter
Please contact Mrs. Conlon at with any questions.