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Ms. DeTrolio

Room: #Roderick Phone: 508-384-5430 Email: click here



Important dates in November & December

Crazy Sock Day- Monday, November 25th

Special Color Day- Wear Red- Tuesday, November 26th

Favorite Sport/Athlete Day- Wednesday, November 27th

1/2 Day- Wednesday, November 27th

No School-Thursday and Friday

November 28th & 29th

Conferences- Wednesday, December 4th

1/2 Day- Wednesday, December 4th & Thursday, December 5th

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“Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen.” – Conan O'Brien.

Special Schedule

Monday- Physical Education 10:45-11:30

Tuesday- Technology 8:50-9:40

Wednesday- Library 1:50-2:40

Thursday ( 1st half of year)- Physical Education 10:00-10:45

Friday- Art 1:50-2:40



"Moment of disappointment-when you can't find the answers to your homework on Google."

November 21,  2019

ELA -Please read and complete the selection about  "Sarah Josepha Hale".  Complete "Action Verbs"

Vocabulary- No Vocabulary this week.

Math-Complete pages 57 & 58 in "Student Book"

Social Studies-Daily Geo #10 is due Friday, November 22nd 





Book Project- Due Monday, December 13th

Donations for CRAN due Thursday, December 19th


Monday, November 25th- Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday, November 26th - Color Day- 5th Grade is wearing RED

Wednesday, November 27th- Favorite Sport/Athlete


All homework is posted in Google Classroom