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Special Education Staff

Special_Education_Teachers​ Card IconSpecial Education Teachers​Top of Page


Mrs. Kathy Ahern
Mrs. Laurie Fernandes
Mrs. Annie Marcet


Mrs. Mary Bullock
Mrs. Kelley Christy
Mrs. Caitlin Consoletti
Mrs. Colleen Dwyer
Mr. Ian Fownes
Mrs. Mary Ward


Mrs. Emily Bickerstaffe
Ms. Sarah Connolly
Mrs. Andrea Crabtree
Ms. Ashley Lomuto
Mrs. Ashley Politsopoulos
Ms. Melissa Mager
Mrs. Celines Ventola

Social/Emotional_and_Behavioral_Specialists Card IconSocial/Emotional and Behavioral SpecialistsTop of Page

School Psychologists:

(508) 384-5430 Ext: 3080
Ms. Kristen Sullivan
(508) 384-5430 Ext: 1180

School Adjustment Counselors:

(508) 384-5430 Ext: 1200
(508) 384-5430 Ext: 1200
(508) 384-5430 Ext: 3140


(508) 384-5430 Ext: 1170

Related_Service_Therapists Card IconRelated Service TherapistsTop of Page

Speech/Language Therapists:

Mrs. Marie Garozzo
Ms. Brittney Hardro
Mrs. Margo Quaglia
Mrs. Jenn Robinson

Occupational Therapists:

Mrs. Tobey Lovett
Mrs. Heather Ross

Physical Therapist:

Mrs. LorieAnn Dickson