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After School Basketball

The Wrentham Public Schools After School Basketball Program for 4th-6th grade students will start in January 2024! Games will take place on some Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Your child will not have a game every day. The schedule will vary week to week. Games will be played in the Gibbons Gym from 2:55 pm -5:00 pm. It is fine to miss games, as this is an intramural program. We realize that children have other commitments! The teams and schedule will be sent home before the winter break and will be posted on the school website. 

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Thank you and we look forward to having a great After School Basketball Season!
Heather Fox,
Kristin Pitman,
Adam Moon,

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Additional Important Information
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  • Sneakers are required to play.

  • There are no tryouts. The directors of the program will place your child on a team after the scheduled practice.

  • No child will be denied access to the program. If there are financial constraints, please contact one of the directors.

  • All children will be placed on a team no matter their skill level. The purpose of the program is to develop fundamental skills, introduce

    competitive play under adult supervision, and to have fun!

  • For the most part, league rules will follow those set down by the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials.

  • Games will consist of four periods. Each child will be required to play in at least two periods. Team captains will be responsible for enforcing this rule.

  • Students’ behavior on and off the court should follow the W.P.S. Core Values with no exceptions.

  • Children will be allowed five fouls per game and will be removed after the fifth. Players involved in fighting, misconduct, etc., will be removed

    from the league.

  • Each team should be dressed and ready to play ten minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

  • Children should leave school with an adult immediately following their game OR stay in the gym and behave as orderly spectators.

  • If your child is absent from school, they may not play that day.

  • Parents are responsible for transportation home from school on game days. Teams cannot be formed based on carpool needs! Please come no later than 4:45 to pick up your child! Please come into the gym to dismiss your child.

  • Championships will be played in late March.

  • Children will be required to sign out and receive permission from the directors to leave the gym to use the restrooms or eat snacks at a designated area. They may not go back to their classroom at any time.

  • Please have your child bring a note to their classroom teacher giving permission for them to stay after school for basketball.