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School Nurses
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Delaney School

508-384-5433 x1050
Kristin Loreaux
508-384-5433 x1050

Roderick School

Christina Monti
508-384-5433 x3050

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Food items provided for general consumption must comply with MA General Law c 111 223 "An Act Relative to School Nutrition":
  • Water, low-fat milk, and 8 ounces of 100% juice
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Snacks made of at least 51% whole grain, 200 calories or fewer per serving, and pre-packaged
  • No artificial sweeteners or trans fats
State and Federal Resources:
At Wrentham Public Schools:

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Students have 20 minutes of recess every day, outside (weather permitting) in addition to at least one physical education class a week. Students who need help in developing gross motor skills also have periodic Adaptive PE classes. Recess is supervised by multiple staff who carry a walkie talkie in the event that they need to communicate with the school nurse or office. Wrentham Public Schools does not practice class-wide discipline by denying recess to students. Individuals may be required to finish assignments before going out or to sit out of play for five minutes due to poor conduct.