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Family/School Partnership

Frequent communication between the students’ parents/guardians and teachers is an essential component of an effective education program. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers when they have questions, concerns, or compliments. All faculty and staff email addresses are located on the district webpage: 

Resolving Issues 

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns. She or he will usually be able to help. If the problem persists after speaking with the teacher, please contact the building principal. If you still have a question or concern after speaking with the teacher and principal, please contact the superintendent. 

Class Placement 

The principals are responsible for creating classes. They consider many factors and perspectives when placing students in classes. We encourage parents to share information with principals about class assignments. The principals will consider parent feedback prior to making class placement decisions. While parents may provide information regarding their child during the placement process, they may not request a specific teacher. After considering input from parents/guardians and the students' sending teacher(s), principals are responsible for making the final class placement determination. 

Open House 

At Open House, teachers provide an overview of the curriculum, explain classroom rules and procedures, and answer general questions as they pertain to their classroom. The principals will inform parents of the specific dates and times. 

Report Cards and Parent/Teacher Conferences

Teachers of students in preschool through grade 6 provide parents with feedback on students’ progress via report cards and conferences. The dates of the report cards and conferences are available on the district calendar, which can be found on the district webpage:

Parent/Teacher Organization 

The PTO is a non-profit group that organizes events and raises funds for enrichment programs and materials for the students and schools. Parents are essential to making the PTO fun and effective. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the PTO page on the district website: 


The Wrentham Elementary Schools Trust (WEST) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated to supplement the Wrentham Public Schools with additional programs and materials for students pre-kindergarten through grade 6. The organization has a Board of Directors that represents parents, community members, school committee members, and staff of the Wrentham Public Schools. If you want to learn more about WEST, please visit 

Gift Policy 

Employees of Wrentham Public Schools adhere to state ethics law regarding gifts. Therefore, no school employee may accept a gift of substantial value from a student, parent, or vendor. The courts and the MA State Ethics Commission have deemed “substantial value” to be $50 or more. Additional compensation, waived fees, discounts, gift certificates, entertainment event tickets, golf, gift baskets, and payment of travel expenses are considered gifts. In addition, free or discounted services such as construction or accounting work are considered gifts. A number of smaller gifts from one person or family that value more than $50 may not be accepted unless the money is used to purchase supplies for the school. When families, students or others wish to express personal appreciation to a teacher or other staff member, the school urges them to find modes of expression that do not involve personal gifts.