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Expectations for Teaching & Learning

The Three R’s (Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn) 

We look to the “Three R’s” to help remind students to embody the core values in all that they do. We expect that students will be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. Wrentham students are:
  • Respectful of themselves, of others, of school property, and respectful of their own need to learn.
  • Responsible to one another and for one another.
  • Ready to learn skills and concepts to build their knowledge and ready to learn strategies to collaborate and communicate effectively. Students should be ready to learn from their teachers, their peers, and through their own explorations.
Delaney and Roderick Schools follow district-wide expectations in the hallways and other common areas, cafeteria, recess, and on the bus. In addition, each classroom community agrees upon the ways in which they can be respectful, responsible students, who are ready to learn. There are reminders of the expectations posted throughout the buildings. 
In order to start off the new school year on a positive note, students, their families, and the school staff can work together to support student success each day. 
Wrentham students are respectful when they:
  • Arrive on time to school each day
  • Listen to their teachers, other students, and their families
  • Talk to others kindly
  • Follow the directions of all school staff
  • Turn off cell phones, refrain from eating, and pay attention
Wrentham students are responsible when they:
  • Complete assignments with their best effort
  • Use their time wisely
  • Ask their teacher(s) questions when they have a question or do not understand
  • Report “unexpected” or unkind situations to their teacher privately
Wrentham students are ready to learn when they are prepared for in-person and remote learning opportunities and: 
  • Have their materials ready 
  • Follow through on all of their assignments
  • Participate actively in class discussions