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Dress Code

Students shall dress appropriately for school using common sense guidelines. Clothing that distracts from the educational process will not be permitted. The final decision regarding the appropriateness of clothing for school shall be at the discretion of the school principal. 
Our dress code policy is governed by health, safety, decency, and the protection of school property. Because of these factors, all students will be expected to wear appropriate clothing. Clothing that is disruptive to the educational process, poses safety concerns, and/or interferes with an individual’s right to learn, is not permitted. No student will be allowed to wear any style of clothing, footwear, or accessory that may be unsafe or hazardous. 
We ask students not to wear the following: 
  • Hats or other non-religious head-covering (except on spirit days)
  • Sunglasses in the school building (unless necessary for a medical condition)
  • Shirts that display obscene language, violence; or references to drugs, alcohol or tobacco