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COVID-19 Updates

2021/2022 Return to School Plan - Click the link to review the plan including our health and safety policies for the 2021/2022 school year


COVID Isolation and Quarantine Info


COVID-19 Testing Options in School

The district is offering two types of free  diagnostic in-school COVID-19 testing to students and staff members this school year. WPS is not participating in the COVID-19 Routine Pooled Testing. WPS is offering the following types of tests.

  • At Home Testing: At-home testing opt-in form.

  • Symptomatic Testing: A person with COVID-19 symptoms may take a rapid test before they go home to see if they have COVID-19.


Providing Consent for COVID-19 Testing

Participation in the testing program is voluntary for students and staff members. Students must have consent from a parent or guardian to participate in the testing programs.   Please click on this link if you wish to consent to your child being tested for COVID-19 through either Test and Stay or Symptomatic Testing. Click on Consent Now, select Wrentham, and then select either Delaney or Roderick and complete the form. We will not administer a COVID-19 test without a completed consent form. We will contact the parent or guardian of a student prior to administering a COVID-19 test even if we have consent. Please refer to the  WPS Return to School Plan to learn more about COVID-19 symptoms, close contact definition, and testing/quarantine requirements.



Staring Monday, February 28, 2022 masking is optional on schools buses and inside the school (except in the Nurses's Office).