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Bus Information

Assignments, Routes, Stops

Students are assigned to ride school buses that will pick them up and drop them off in close proximity to their homes. Students are not allowed to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. Bus routes are established by the bus coordinator. An authorized bus stop is available within a reasonable walking distance to the home of every student. Bus routes are developed to minimize the total time a student spends on the school bus. Authorized bus stops are located at convenient intervals in places where students may be loaded, unloaded, cross roads, and wait for the arrival of buses under the safest possible conditions.

Drop Off 

Bus drivers will not drop off any kindergarten student if an adult is not visible. The adult may be a parent or other responsible adult. Students in grades beyond kindergarten will be dropped off with or without an adult present unless the situation is deemed unsafe by the bus driver. In that instance, the student will be returned to the school and the students’ parents or guardians contacted. 

Waiting for the Bus 

Students must wear masks and remain 6 feet apart while waiting for the school bus. Please be on time for the bus and be safe while waiting for the bus to arrive. Please be aware of traffic and avoid trespassing on private property.  

Loading the Bus 

As your bus approaches, lineup at least six feet off the road/street, and do not approach the bus until it has stopped and the driver has opened the door. Get on your bus quickly, take a seat, and make sure none of your belongings are in the aisles. 

Riding the Bus 

Listen carefully and obey all directions issued by the driver. Do not eat food on the bus, throw anything, or extend arms or any other body parts out of the windows. Do not change seats while the bus is moving. Avoid shouting, foul language, and other excessive noise that may distract the driver. Do not use electronic devices without permission from the principal. Be courteous to other students and to the driver. 

Unloading the Bus 

Listen to the driver and follow directions. Do not leave your seat until the bus has come to a complete stop and the driver has opened the door. Leave the bus quickly but in a courteous manner without pushing other students. If you must cross a street as you leave the school bus, be sure to walk in front of the bus (never in back) at distance of at least 12 feet out from the front of the bus. If you get too close to the front of the bus, the driver will not be able to see you, and a serious accident could occur. Observe all safety precautions as you travel from your bus stop to your home. 

Bus Breakdown 

If a bus has an issue that causes a replacement bus to be called, the respective school office will make every attempt to notify the families that ride that particular bus. The time frame is dependent on notification by the bus company. All drivers are trained in the safety procedures necessary to facilitate a smooth, efficient transfer. 

Bus Accident Procedure 

School buses are very safe and accidents are very rare. However, if an accident occurs, students should remain calm and quiet and listen carefully to the driver's instructions. If the driver is incapacitated and there are no teachers or chaperones present, and the bus has come to a complete stop, students may take appropriate action to evacuate the bus and move to safety. 

Bus Expectations for Students

The purpose of the school bus is to transport students to and from school in a safe manner. To that end, there are laws, policies, and expectations for student behavior on the bus. Massachusetts state law requires all students to stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. All students are expected to follow the WPS core values of respect, communication, collaboration, responsibility, and continuous growth and learning while riding the bus. 
To help ensure student safety, Wrentham school buses are equipped with security cameras. The buses have signs advising students and the public that security cameras are in use. The recordings are stored in a secure location accessible only by the superintendent, superintendent’s designee, and law enforcement personnel. The recordings are saved for up to one week and used for investigations, security, or law enforcement purposes. Please report any incidents on the bus to Assistant Principal Laura Dietz at or by calling the school office at 508-384-5430. Reports of inappropriate behavior will be investigated. Consequences for inappropriate behavior vary by situation and range from a verbal warning to permanent loss of bus riding privileges.