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Closet converted to classroom

Exterior classroom doors and single pane windows

Wood over utility trench in hallway

Classroom heater

Classroom exterior door and single pane window

Classrooms around cafeteria/gym

Electric panel

Compressor for pneumatic heating controls

Pneumatic control panel

Main entrance to Roderick School

Main lobby of Roderick School

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  • Roderick Building Project Calendar

Why does Roderick School need a major construction project?

The Roderick School has served the students and families of Wrentham since 1968. Many people created wonderful memories in the school and on the playground over the years. The town has invested in maintaining and improving the building, but it is nearing the end of its useful life. For example:

  • The heating system, windows, and doors are inefficient, outdated, and expensive to maintain.
  • The original classrooms are too small for contemporary learning environments.
  • The classrooms on the perimeter of the gym/cafeteria are loud and distracting.
  • There are not enough learning spaces or office spaces to accommodate the number of students and staff members in the school.

In 2022, the town submitted an application to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for support for a major construction project at Roderick School. MSBA received over 100 applications for school projects and selected nine, including Roderick School. This means that the town could be reimbursed for almost half of the cost of the project. This is a great opportunity for Wrentham.

What is the history of Roderick School?

The original Roderick School was constructed in 1968. The building was 29,208 square feet and consisted of thirteen classrooms, one library space, a kitchen, two adult restrooms, two student restrooms, two student changing rooms (for physical education), and two storage rooms around the perimeter of a combined cafeteria/gym. The original building also has a main office suite with small offices for the principal and school nurse. 

In 1988, the town built a 26,754 square foot addition to the building. The addition consists of eleven classrooms, one library, eight small offices, two adult restrooms, and two student restrooms. Roderick School sits on a 60-acre campus with Delaney School, Vogel School and a septic treatment plant.

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Building Committee Members

The Wrentham Select Board appointed the following people to the Roderick School Building Committee at the Select Board meeting on July 11, 2023.
Philip Jordan, Chair
School Committee Member
Michelle Rouse, Vice Chair
Select Board Member
Veronica Gonzalez, Secretary
School Committee Member
Lou Allevato
Member at Large
Allan Cameron
Superintendent of Schools
Glenn Gillespie
WPS Facilities Manager
Edward Goddard
Town Moderator, Member at Large
Michael King
Wrentham Finance Director
Kevin Martes
Roderick School Principal
Shannon Shepherd
WPS Business Manager
Kevin Sweet
Wrentham Town Administrator

MSBA Information

MSBA Website