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Social Studies

The study of history requires investigation, imagination, empathy, and respect. 

Reverence just doesn’t enter into it.  - Jill Lepore

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Grade 6 History and Social Science Topics
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Topic 1. Studying complex societies past and present

Topic 2. Human origins, the Neolithic and Paleolithic Eras

Topic 3. Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East and North Africa

Topic 4. The Kingdoms of Medieval Sub-Saharan Africa

Topic 5. Central America, the Caribbean, and South America

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Standards for History & Social Science Practice
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1. Demonstrate civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

2. Develop focused questions or problem statements and conduct inquiries.

3. Organize information and data from multiple primary and secondary sources.

4. Analyze the purpose and point of view of each source; distinguish opinion from fact.

5. Evaluate the credibility, accuracy, and relevance of each source.

6. Argue or explain conclusions, using valid reasoning and evidence.

7. Determine next steps and take informed action, as appropriate.