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Mrs. Ventola

Room: #Roderick Elementary School Phone: (508) 384-5430 Email: click here

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The Specialized Learning Center (SLC) is available at both the Delaney and Roderick Elementary Schools, and is designed to meet the needs of identified students, including those with Autism, who have significant difficulty managing their social, behavioral, and/or emotional responses throughout the school day across various social situations and/or when facing different academic demands, often resulting in their inability to access the curriculum, and meet their potential. These students require targeted, explicit teaching and support to regulate their emotions and behaviors, develop appropriate problem-solving skills, and increase their independence in order to be successful in the least restrictive school setting.

Each student's program is individualized to his/her social, behavioral, and academic needs, with varying amounts of: inclusion, social skills practice, behavioral supports, and/or intensive instruction within the school day. The general education curriculum is modified as appropriate to ensure student success. The program offers a continuum of services, including intensive academic instruction, based on the principles of ABA, in a sub-separate classroom for those students who are unable to make effective progress in the general education setting due to their unique learning style. For those students who are working on foundational skills, individualized programs are based on curriculum that focuses on specific tasks, and follows a developmental sequence.

The goal of the SLC is to address students' underlying deficits while building on their strengths through a continuum of therapeutic supports and specialized instruction, so that the students can be included within their general education classrooms to the extent possible. Students are afforded opportunities for sensory breaks and quiet spaces to regulate and process their emotions in a safe, respectful, and private manner. In addition, individual behavior plans are developed and modified using both cognitive and behavioral approaches. A social thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and self-regulation curriculum is embedded throughout the school day and across all settings. Students may also be supported academically as needed to ensure their ability to continue making effective progress towards grade level standards.