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At-Home Enrichment Links

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Social-Emotional Learning

Check out these Good Energy at Home with GoNoodle videos and activities!
Lunchtime Fun: Start lunchtime with this GoNoodle video!
Calming and Mindfulness: Video


Check out The Math Learning Center's Home Learning.  There's a new activity posted each day!


Social Studies

Practice the content from the continents and oceans unit with these activities:


Check out Scholastic's Learn at Home Activities.  There's a new reading activity for each day!  Check it out here.
Raz-Kids:  A great way to listen to, read, and check your comprehension!  Check with your teacher if you need your class code.
Epic!:  Find books in your favorite series, by topic, or by genre.  Check with your teacher if you need your class code.


Love creative writing?  Check out Scholastic's Story Starter activity by clicking here.


Fundations Logo

Choose the unit you would like to practice.

Current trick words are listed below.

they, said, you, your, was, & one
shall, pull, full, both, talk, walk 
done, goes, pretty
again, please, animal, sure, use, used
against, knew, know, always, often, once
only, house, move, right, place, together
Unit 7
eight, large, change, city, something, night, carry, every, and family
world, different, answer
father, mother, brother, earth, picture, learn
school, country, great, away, America, thought
whose, won, son, breakfast, head, ready
early, favorite, ocean
Monday, Tuesday, cousin, lose, beautiful, tomorrow
piece, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, bought, brought
January, February, July, enough, special, December
August, laugh, daughter
trouble, couple, young