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During the summer months, what can you do to help your child boost math skills?

Hello Delaney Kids and Families!


I hope that everyone is having a fun summer!. While you are home, I challenge you to find opportunities to think about math in all of the ordinary things that you do every day. Please send me pictures of the things that you are doing at! Here are some ideas for everyone.

  • Bake something from scratch. Third graders, think about the fractions that you are using. Try doubling a recipe, what are the new fractions for each ingredient?
  • Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! What is your favorite strategy for putting a puzzle together? I like to start by separating all of the corners and edges, then work section-by-section. I like to keep the picture of the puzzle handy in case I need some hints!
  • Count everything, or just count! Kindergartners, can you already count to 100? If not, practice with your parents or an older sibling every day! If you can already count to 100, keep going! Practice skip counting by twos, fives, tens, and hundreds!
  • Can you identify all of the U.S. coins? Do you know how much each coin is worth? Play “store” with real money. Younger kids can practice trading coins to get the same value (5 pennies for a nickel). While playing store, older kids can practice adding (How much do these two items cost altogether?) and subtracting (How much change do I need?) money. Show your parents what strategy you used to figure it out!
  • Practice telling time on an analog clock! In our world of digital everything, all kids can use extra practice telling time. If you have mastered telling time, practice figuring out elapsed time, for example, “How long is it from now until dinner time?”
  • Play card games! My family LOVES to play cards. Some of our favorite games to play are "Hearts," "Spit," and "Up and Down the River." What games do you like to play?
  • Practice your MATH FACTS!!! Of all the math-related things that you can do over the summer, developing fluency at your grade level could be the most important. EVERYTHING in math is easier when you know your math facts. Look for opportunities throughout my website to help you practice your fluency!

I added a links to the right with other grade-level ideas for you to practice until I see you again. Make sure that you scroll all the way through the documents to see the printable pages for you to use. Have fun!!



Mrs. Ellis