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While acting in any volunteer capacity in the schools, volunteers are subject to the same privacy and confidentiality laws as the teachers and administrators.  Please remember the following:
  • You are expected to respect the rights and privacy of all students and teachers at all times.
  • Any situations involving children or teachers in the school should not be discussed with anyone outside of the school.
  • If a situation arises which causes you concern, you should discuss the situation first with the teacher involved.  If after that discussion the situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should take the matter to the principal.
  • For any situation requiring immediate attention or if you are unsure of how to handle a situation, please contact the principal.
  • It is not within the scope of responsibilities of volunteers to mediate in areas in which the teaching and administrative staff of the Wrentham Public Schools bears responsibility.
Your cooperation in following the Privacy and Confidentiality Requirements is expected and appreciated.

We appreciate the partnership that has developed between the school and the community. All persons who wish to volunteer must fill out a CORI form required by state law that allows the school access to criminal background information. CORI forms must be filled out in person in the Superintendent's Office where all information is kept confidential. CORI results are good for three years. If you are checked when your oldest child starts Kindergarten, you will need to sign another waiver for a CORI check when your child starts third grade, then sixth grade.

SAFIS is the new fingerprint supported national background check. It is required for all school staff, including substitutes, but it is not a requirement to volunteer in the schools. It is required only for volunteers who chaperone overnight field trips, such as Camp Bournedale.

If you have completed the SAFIS check and another school district has your results, you may ask them to forward documentation of suitability for employment to us without paying for another background check. Staff (and volunteers) who are NOT licensed educators should select "Staff" and pay $35; licensed educators pay $55.
To register for an appointment, go to:

The Wrentham Public School district code for submitting background check information is 03500000. A list of all school district codes in Massachusetts is HERE. King Philip Regional Schools, for both Middle School and High School, is 06900000.