Report Cards 

Report cards are distributed on a trimester basis in November, March, and June for kindergarten through grade 6.  Preschool report cards are only distributed for 4 and 5 year-olds.

Report cards are designed to reflect both academic achievement and personal development. 


Scheduled parent/teacher conferences occur twice throughout the school year; once in November and again in March.  Parents and teachers may request a conference with one another as needed at any time throughout the school year.

Sample Conference Appointment Slip

Report Card Brochure-2018

Parent Report Cards Handout-Fall2017

Standards Based Report Cards in Kid Friendly Language

Sample Report Card - Grade PreK​​

Sample Report Card - Grade K

​​Sample Report Card - Grade 1

​​Sample Report Card - Grade 2

​​Sample Report Card - Grade 3

​​Sample Report Card - Grade 4

​​Sample​ Report Card - Grade 5

​​Sample​ Report Card - Grade 6

If you are looking for the District Report Card from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website to answer questions about the school's enrollment and performance, click here​.