​Technology is inherent in nearly every aspect of our lives these days. At Wrentham we make the most of the technology available to us to enhance the learning experience. The technology team is responsible for installing and maintaining all of the computers and associated hardware and software used by the schools.​​

Computer Labs

There are three computer labs in our school district.  Two of the labs are used for formal instruction given by a technology teacher. Students attend technology class on a five day cycle for approximately fifty minutes.  The skills taught are aligned with the Massachusetts Technology Frameworks and include, but are not limited to: Microsoft PowerPoint, Scratch Programming, and Google Drive.  This instruction prepares students to work more independently within the regular classroom.  

The other lab is our integration lab.  This lab is utilized by classroom teachers to complete projects, do word processing, use curriculum software, etc.  Classroom teachers sign up for the integration lab on an as-needed basis.

Grades 2,3, 4, 5 and 6 have been assigned Chromebook carts that are used to provide machines for the entire class while in the classroom. These Chromebooks are used to access internet-based curriculum software and to introduce Google Drive for project collaboration. 

Delaney Computer Lab: Jen Moon

Roderick Computer Lab: Heather Fox

Technology Safety

Help Desk Support    Track-it!

Technology in the classrooms and offices must be reliable in order for it to be used effectively.  Support for technology users is always and will remain a high priority.  We attempt to help with technology issues as quickly as possible, usually in less than 30 minutes.  Users at the school can sign in to our help desk, call, or send an e-mail when they encounter a problem.  The task is then assigned to the appropriate technology staff member.  The help desk software helps us track and analyze trends in our school.  This is effective in preventing further problems and planning appropriate user support classes.


Technology Staff​


Mr. Sean Ahern

Technology Administrator​


508 - 38​4 - 5430  Ext. 2010​​​ ​​

Grades 4-6 : Mrs. Fox

Mr. Scott Massey
Network Administrator
508 - 384 - 5430  Ext. 2080
​Ms. Chrissy Gilbert
Data Specialist
508 - 384 - 5430​  Ext. 1080
Mr. Tim Bickford
Computer Technician
508 - 384 - 5430  Ext. 2000
​ ​