Welcome to Music: Grades K – 3


September 16, 2016


Hello! My name is Ms. Mariotti and this is my fourth year as the music teacher at the Delaney School. I love teaching music and have been working on lots of new lessons, songs and games. I can not wait to share them with all my students!  I love to play piano, guitar and sing! I spent a lot of my summer visiting my family, playing music, gardening and going to the beach.

Please feel free to call me ext. 2860 or email me at mariottim@wrenthamschools.org

Music Goals:
  • Sing with good tone
  • Play instruments with proper form
  • Learn five prinicples of music (melody, rhythm, timbre, form and harmony)
  • Team work
  • Responsible Musicians

Music Rules:
  • Be Safe
  • Team Work
  • Best Effort
  • Take Turns
  • Respect Yourself, Others and the Instruments