Massachusetts Law, Chapter 70, Section 59C provides that each public elementary school in the commonwealth shall have a school council consisting of the school principal, parents of students attending the school, teachers, and other community representatives who are not parents or teachers.

The School council meets monthly, typically on the first Tuesday in the Delaney Conference Room or the Roderick School Office. Members of the community are welcome to attend all meetings. The meetings are open and agendas are posted at the town hall a week in advance. 

The Education Reform Act of 1993 outlines four major areas of responsibility for councils:

  • Adopt educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards
  • Identifying the educational needs of students attending the schools
  • Reviewing the annual school building budget
  • Formulating and monitoring the School Improvement Plan (2013-2016)​​
Agenda for our NEXT meeting:


General Responsibilities of School Council

Annual School Improvement Plan

Statutory Language for Councils

WPS School Council Bylaws

School Improvement Plan

Completed SIP Items

WPS 2017-2019 SIP.pdf


 For the minutes of the Council meetings from this year, click the links below:

SC Minutes 10_17.pdf

The School Improvement Plan has the following elements:​

An assessment of:​​

  • The impact of class size on student performance
  • Student-to-teacher ratios
  • Ratios of students to other adult supportive adult resources
  • A scheduled plan for reducing class size, if deemed necessary
  • Professional development for the school's staff and allocation of any professional development funds in the school budget
  • Enhancement of parental involvement in the life of the school
  •  School safety and discipline
  • Establishment of a school environment characterized by tolerance and respect for all groups
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Means for meeting, within the regular education programs at the school, the diverse learning needs of as many children as possible, including children with special needs currently assigned to separate programs
  • Further subjects the principal, in consultation with the school council, shall consider appropriate




Kevin Martes – Roderick Principal (Co-Chair)

Kathleen Maloney – Delaney Principal (Co-Chair)

Kathy Ahern

Joanne Berthiaume

Rich Coombs

Jennifer Downing

Marguerite Fifolt

Dave Gresham

Lynda Hall

Jennifer Jones

Denise Ritchie

Jeffrey Schweitzer