​​​Ms. Kristin Dykstra started working as Wrentham's Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment on July 1, 2015. ​
Prior to Wrentham, she ​was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Seekonk, MA. She also taught science, reading, English, technology, and math at Hopkinton (MA) Middle School.

Ms. Dykstra earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Elementary Education from Russell Sage College and a Master's of Education degree in Language and Literacy from Harvard University. Most of her post-Master's education was completed at Boston University in the area of Curriculum and Teaching, particularly Educational Media and Technology.

Kristin lives with her husband and two children in Hopkinton, MA.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Kristin Dykstra
Email: dykstrak@wrenthamschools.org
Phone: (508) 384 - 5430 Ext: ​4000

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