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​DateFebruary 15, 2017                         
ELASpelling - none this week

Word Work - Night 3 - Antonyms

​MATHApply Volume Formula

OTHERThursday is our Informational Post Write - know your topic and bring in any materials, articles, or books to help you

​​ ​The Big IDEAS for the Week of  February 13th  
ReadingHow can do we dig deeper into fiction to build a better understanding of how and why characters do what they do?
WritingTime to hit PRINT - we are closing out our informational writing unit this week
MathUnderstanding Volume 
ScienceHow do plants use the Sun's energy to carry out photosynthesis?​
​Social StudiesComing Soon: The Age of Exploration - Are you ready to take to the high seas?







9:40-10:30PE 1:05-1:50 (1st half )
Health 1:55-2:40 (2nd half)


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