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 Technology Curriculum



Date Technology Curriculum Due to be Revised
September 2011
Date Technology Curriculum Completed
Spring 2004
Date Technology Committee Started Work
September 2002
Technology Curriculum Committee Members
Tammy Morgan - Kindergarten Teacher
Cynthia Fuller - Grade 1 Teacher
Linda Plotczyk - Grade 2 Teacher
Kathy Danielson - Grade 3 Teacher
Barbara Steele - Grade 4 Teacher
Jodi Fownes - Grade 5 Teacher
Kathleen Maloney - Grade 6 Teacher
Patricia Connolly - Special Education Teacher
Thomas Lynch - Principal
Susan Traversi - Computer Teacher (K-3)
Heather Holst - Computer Teacher (4-6)
Linda Purpura - Technology Integration Specialist
Becky Stockbridge - Technology System Administrator
Date of Approval by School Committee
 Special Message

"At the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), held recently in San Antonio, Texas, a speaker commented, "We can't predict what jobs students will need to be prepared for, but we can prepare students with skills they can apply to jobs we can't imagine." Students’ today need basic skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, but also need skills in problem solving and collaborating, gathering and analyzing data, visualizing and creating, as well as leading and inspiring.Using technology as a tool in the classroom can provide those experiences and much more."

  Technology Frameworks
Stockbridge, Becky 
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