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Spelling Homework
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Weekly Spelling Homework

Start a new page in your notebook for each assignment.  Put the date at the beginning of each assignment.


Monday: Fold paper in half. Skip a line between each word.  Write the words in ABC order.

Tuesday: Choose 10 words to write 5 spelling sentences. Use 2 spelling words in each sentence. Use a word only once. Underline the spelling word in each sentence. Sentences will be at least 8 words long. Begin sentences with capitals and use punctuation.

Wednesday: Fold the page in thirds. Write the spelling words 3 times each.

Thursday: Practice Test: Fold your paper in half; have an adult read the words to you. Any misspelled word must be written again five times. The adult must sign your practice test.

Spelling A 2-2
Spelling B 2-2
How to do Spelling Sentences
Remember to turn in your spelling notebook each day!
by WRENTHAM\shaws
 8/30/2012 7:38 AM
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